Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sizzlin' in the Kitchen

Sizzlin' in the Kitchen with Sizzlin' Sauces

I recently wrote a story for the Hippo about New Hampshire companies that make hot sauce and salsa. There are more than I realized, offering great products! To gain some insight, I attended the Made in New Hampshire Expo at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester where I was rewarded with some fabulous samples. 

When I got home, I had an abundance of hot sauce and other items in my possession, including beef jerky, salsa, garlic relish and olive tapenade. I love hot sauce and spicy foods, but I wasn't sure what to do with all of these items at first. Then, I decided there was no better way to try them than by using them in recipes, based on the suggestions from the creators themselves. 
The result: delicious pizza!

I loved Mojo's Tapenade when I tried it at the Expo, and Chef Bud of Sizzlin Sauces was nice enough to send me home with my own jar. It didn't last long. I had some with crackers and the rest I used to make this DELICIOUS pizza. All I used was some regular wheat pizza crust, the tapenade, some chopped mushrooms, green onions and a little mozzarella. The tapenade is somewhat salty, so it could be cut with spaghetti sauce, additional vegetables or a little olive oil. I need to get another jar of this stuff soon. 

The day before, I roasted some brussel sprouts with his Razing Cane Garlic Relish and the dish was good out of the oven, but even better the following day after the flavors had time to really set in. This was just brussel sprouts, a little olive oil, some relish, salt and pepper to coat and then roasted in the oven for about 20 minutes or so. 

The Garlic Relish was good, but I really liked the tapenade and highly recommend it. 

I still have two different Sizzlin' Sauces I haven't tried yet. One packs a little more heat than the other, so I will have to figure out how to use them.

Stay tuned for more hot sauce creations!

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