Sunday, April 14, 2013

Farmers' Market Fun

Farmers' Market Fun

Cole Gardens Winter Farmers' Market
Yesterday, my friends and I went to Cole Gardens Winter Farmers' Market. It was my second time there and the last one of the season. I wish I had gone to a few more before they ended, although it's an easy place to spend money because there are so many local vendors selling great New Hampshire made products. There are similar markets around the state; I have always wanted to go to the winter market in Tilton but it's always packed and the parking situation can be tricky.

This market, while crowded inside, has ample parking in a convenient location. And while you are there you can peruse Cole Gardens items as well: flowers, herbs, gardening supplies and even wine!

Among the vendors there this week were Jewell Towne Vineyards, Jehu Hot Sauce, Nila's Chutneys and Surowiec Farm. I left with some Go Go Ginger Garlic chutney, fresh arugula greens and Marechal Foch wine. 

I had some of the arugula for lunch and it was so good compared to the store bought stuff I usually have. It's so simple too: a little olive oil, salt pepper and a little red pepper seasoning added a little kick. Arugula is good for you and even better when it's grown on a local farm in Sanbornton. Upon opening the bag, I realized there was a lot more in there than I originally thought so I will be enjoying this all week. 

I am looking forward to making something with the chutney-maybe the Go Go Ginger Garlic roasted vegetables using the Nila's recipe. I will share the results when I make it. 

I already know I like the wine because I have had it before. Jewell Towne, New Hampshire's first winery, makes some great wines and I am looking forward to making a trip there this summer. 

While it's easy to find great Granite State products at many area stores, the farmers' market brings everyone together and you can sample them before you buy them. The farmers' market now moves to downtown Concord, so I am excited to visit that one next. 

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