Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Heaven in a Sandwich: Doug's Hoagies

I was in Portsmouth last week, joined by Tania from my office, for a professional development event that ended right around lunchtime. Tania is here from Portugal working with us for six months so it's been fun showing her around and rediscovering some of my favorite places in New Hampshire. We were near Dover so there was only one choice for lunch: Doug's Hoagies

You may have never heard of Doug's Hoagies before, a hidden gem off of Fourth Street in Dover next to the Dover Delite. It doesn't look like much from the outside, and even the inside set-up is fairly simple, but they make some of the best subs around. 

The prices are good for what you get too. If you leave Doug's hungry, there is something wrong with you. When I used to work in Dover, the only thing I wanted to do after leaving Doug's was take a nap. 

I pretty much order the same thing at Doug's every time: a small chicken salad sub with lettuce, pickles and tomatoes. I have tried other items as well, like the eggplant parmesan and a turkey reuben, but the chicken salad is my absolute favorite.

 The bread is fresh and fluffy, the chicken salad has just the right amount of mayonnaise without being soggy and is lightly seasoned. 

I highly recommend this sub shop, which now has a website, complete with an online menu.   Doug may even make your sub himself. 

Enjoying my sub!


  1. Only one choice in Dover that isn't La Festa? Surely, you are mistaken. Or drunk.

  2. You can blame Planet Fitness for serving La Festa pizza at the gym. Kind of ruins the allure!

  3. But I will agree their white buffalo chicken pizza is the best pizza! I guess ishould classify this as "Dover best subs."