Saturday, May 18, 2013

Taco Tour...Better Late than Never!

I am a little (okay very) late on this post, but I wanted to make sure I shared some information about the Hippo de Mayo Taco Tour for anyone who is unfamiliar with it. As a columnist for The Hippo, I have been invited to be a Taco Tour judge two years in a row. It's a great event, lovingly named the "world's largest taco tour," and a great event for Manchester. Restaurants gain awareness and overall, it's really fun! 

Here's how it works: Manchester restaurants come up with a taco recipe and a charity of choice. Taco tourists take a map and head out around the city enjoying $2 tacos. There is a judges' choice and a taco tourist vote at the end of the night. Both winners earn money for their charity of choice.

As a judge, I get to ride around in a limo all night and sample tacos. This year, I sampled more than 38 tacos (just a small bite)! While some restaurants unfortunately ran out of tacos before we arrived, others had multiple taco offerings-so overall our team of judges had our fill of tacos for the night.

Some of my personal favorites this year were Ben and Jerry's Mexicone Dream Taco, Baked's Baked Cake Taco, Margarita's Taco del Mar, Red Arrow Diner's Buffalo Chicken Taco and Gyro Spot's Opa Taco. Of course, there were a few tacos I wish I never tried. But we won't get into those. 

The judge's choice this year was Gyro Spot's Opa Taco. Even though I don't usually eat pork, this taco was pretty tasty, complete with French fries. 

If you live near Manchester and have never been to this event (this year was the third annual), mark your calendar for next year. It always falls around Cinco de Mayo and it's a great time! Information available here.


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